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Operating in the continuum of technology acquisition and optimization of use of technology. HTSL is committed to convert problem hindsight into solution insight through describing, diagnosing, predicting, prescribing and applying solutions to our clients.

We Offer All Kinds of IT Solutions Services

HTSL develops its own software customized to suit your needs under various categories such as software and web app development, mobile app development, software and hardware integration, CRM & ERP systems among others.

HTSL supplies procured hardware plus customized software and support in the following categories as part of an IT communications package such as data voice, video, VSAT, radio network designs and ip telephony systems.

HTSL can make your company’s computer system safer with a range of security management and risk prevention services including antimalware software, patching and maintenace and application compatibility.

HTSL provides a range of support options that can help your company handle WANs, LANs and other aspects of a computing system. Depending on the level of managed IT support you select from a provider, the package may include one or more services.

Today most companies prefer to subcontract IT services at a periodic basis which helps in a big way to save on cost. Well HTSL is your IT partner to offer such scheduled services whenever you need them such as Virtual support services and On Call support

HTSL being a producer of various software products and also as and your one stop place for any hardware equipment and facilities also provides support for this features if at the very least your company will need it. Training may also be part of the package.

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The Technology We Use For Our Valued Customers

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How Homeland can assist your business

It's hard to point out an industry untouched by technology. Here at Homeland, we harness innovation and advanced technology to support your business.


Our experienced team spend time with you the client and understand the problems you want to alleviate within your business.


Project Planning

We then define the scope of the project and get clear deliverables. The timelines for completion of different items in the project are put down.


Development & Testing

With continuous engagement with the client, we develop the solution custom made to alleviate the specific problems your business is facing.


Deployment & Support

Here, we take your project to production, accessible to you and your business, as well as offer continuous support for your business.

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